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The history of the track


Kraaifontein RC Track’s facility started off as an overgrown Port Jackson bush area, but by early 2008 the area had been cleared and we held the first official RC races with 8th scale buggies and truggies. However, after putting months of work and thousands of rands into the facility, we soon found out the area was prone to flooding during the winter months, which meant that we could not make use to the facility for up to four months of the year. For this reason it was decided to convert the 8th scale off-road track to a dirt oval track, that was raised and banked so as to help with the flooding issue we had experienced during the winter months.This change to the track also allowed us to race both 8th scale and 5th scale off-road cars on the same track. 

2008 – Take note of the wet track. The bush in the background is what had to be cleared using a front end loader before we could even start building this 8th scale track.

Jan 2010 - the track was redesigned so that both 8th scale and 5th scale could race on the same track layout.

March 2010 – track ready for March racing event….

March 2010 - Race day ….ten 8th scale entries and eight 5th scale entries

March 2010 - 5th scale starting grid

March 2010 - 5 th scale baja jumping

Aug 2010 – Started prep work for Oval Track

September 2010 – Construction of Oval Track

October 2010 – Installation of drainage system with centre pit, this is what helps prevent flooding….

October 2010 – Seems our chairman enjoys driving a big machine around our track….

November 2010 – Our Dirt Oval Track was ready for racing….

March 2011 – Starting grid

March 2011 – Some close 5 th scale racing…..

Dec 2011 – Race morning…. And seems we now also have two dams next to the facility….wonder what we could race there…..

March 2014 – New Midget 5 th scale racing class introduced for the 2014 racing year…. With a 5 th scale 4x4 class starting in 2015.

 January 2015 – New 4x4 5 th scale class starts with racing